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Jun 2020


June 28, 2020







 Terrance Owens - Co HOST

TerranceOwens (TO) is a player/coach from Cleveland, Ohio who has a vast passion for American football. T.O. Started playing football at the age of 7 years old and is still currently playing 2020. Terrance went to Glenville High School, a powerhouse school that was very dominate in the state of Ohio. He received a full ride scholarship to the University of Toledo which he excelled in the MAC Conference(Division I)(2009-2013). T.O. was granted the opportunity to fulfill his dream and attend two NFL ROOKIE MINI CAMPS; Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs.(2014) Terrance gained alot of knowledge from his experience on the highest level of American football and thoughout his career playing as an athlete and coaching. That being said T.O. Decided to continue stay the course playing football in Europe 2016. While T.O. Pursued his career in Poland, he met a teammate of his by the name of Tj Richardson which they came up with a way to help enhance the level of football in Europe. They both understand  what Europe needs in order to grow the American football culture. Which is why they started "MVP" which is contributing into building the American football culture. T.O. Has been living in Poland 🇵🇱, Europe for 2 years now and is making it his mission to help build the culture of American football.



TJ Richardson-Co- HOST

Timothy Richardson Jr (TJ) is a player/coach hailing from Waldorf, Maryland. He attended Millersville University (2010-2014) where his versatility allowed him to start 4 years at Cornerback, Safety, and Outside Linebacker. He graduated with a Degree in Biology and Chemistry. TJ has had a extensive career in Europe thus far. He has played in Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Germany, and Poland. His unique skill set has made him a key component on multiple successful teams including the 2016 Hungarian National Champions and The 2017 World Cup Medalist (Team USA). He is currently still playing in Warsaw, Poland and is coaching internationally at various camps. He plans to continue playing and building a strong European program along with pursuing many off the field ventures. When asked what the American football culture means to him he replied " The principles and lessons you learn from American football translate directly to your everyday life. A.F. has taught me how to fight through adversity and to hold myself accountable. A.F. is pure in the fact that you get out of it exactly what you put in. You have to learn to work with people from different cultures, that have different abilities in order to accomplish one common goal. It helps you to see the world from a viewpoint other than your own and teaches you how to adapt to any situation. I hope to give back to the game as much as it's given to me."